Updated: 23rd April 2018

Brotherhood A Surprisingly Funny And Mature End To The Hood Series

Ten years ago Noel Clarke delivered a refreshingly British blast of energy to the nation with his movie Kidulthood. The West London urban-crime dramawas the talk of the school back in the day, and he came back two years later with sequelAdulthood.

And now, five years later I’m no longer at school and suddenly a third film is on the table.

I’m going to put my hands up, and say that initially I wasn’t sure if it was going to be the film for me. I’m a girl who predictably enjoys a good rom-com with a glass of white wine and doesn’t ever really get into crime dramas – so I wasn’t sure how much I could enjoya film about the gang culture of West London. But, I was pleasantly surprised: the humour and wit throughout made sure I enjoyed it from start to finish.

The film follows Noel Clarke’s iconic character, Sam Peel, who is a reformed school bully. He’s done his time in prison, and is now a family man with a wife and two kids to support… and a bit of a belly, too.The film pokes fun at how he got a bit old (and a bit fat) but when an old enemy comes around he’s forced to get out the hoodie again and getinvolved, for thesake of his family.

Admittedly, the plot isn’t entirely without holes, and some of the acting doesn’t quite hit the mark – but Noel Clarke’sperformance is trulystandout, filled with guttural emotion. It’s a testament to his success as an actor/director. His newfound friend Henry (Arnold Oceng) is another brilliantly believable performance, who delivers most of the comic relief throughout the film.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that even if you think this film isn’t your thing, you will probably enjoy it and laugh quite a bit anyway. And if you saw and loved Kidulthood, you should make sure to check out the final instalment.

Here’s the trailer:

And it hasnice lesson to take home with you – don’t join a gang, kids.

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