Updated: 26th April 2018

Funny ladies get candid about sex in Cocktales with Little Esther

This article contains sexually explicit material.

For many women, there are few joys in life quite like dishing about sex over drinks with girlfriends. Now, a new series on Above Average is making that concept even more entertaining.

In Cocktales with Little Esther, comedian and actress Esther Povitsky sits down with other hilarious women and asks them the important questions: What were some of your embarrassing adolescent misconceptions about sex? If you could redesign the penis, what would you change? What do you think Hillary Clinton’s orgasms sound like?

Cocktalesis the brainchild ofTwo Trick Pony, a production company byTory Stanton and Scott McCabe. Povitsky previously collaborated with Two Trick Pony on the web seriesHope and Randy. “We wanted to work on something new together and they had the idea for a funny, sex talk show,” Povitsky told the Daily Dot. “We wanted to ask questions that would invoke real, honest, thoughtful answers and ones that will set people up to be funny and interesting and charming.”

In the first three Cocktales episodes (episode three premieres today), Povitsky chats with comedian friends, Orange Is The New Black‘sLauren Lapkus, Angela Trimbur, and Jess Lowe. Each features an appearance from Grandma Rose, an elderly woman who has tried everything in the bedroom and isn’t afraid to share her knowledge with younger ladies. Povitsky offers safe words for guests to use when they dont want to answer a question and she gives each one a (used) condom balloon as a parting gift.

Photo via Above Average/YouTube

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