Updated: 26th April 2018

Jimmy Stewarts Funny Poem Captures What Every Dog Owner Feels. By The End, I Was Speechless

We love our pets, but sometimes they can drive us crazy!

The chewed up furniture, the accidents, the barking in the middle of the night and the sometimes stubborn eating habits. All are enough to provide major headaches and and total frustrations! But we still love them nonetheless.

Jimmy Stewart knows whats up when it comes to having a dog that drives you crazy. The amazing actor delivers a poem on the The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson that relays his experiences with his dog named Beau. The frustrations and challenges of being Beaus owner are certainly there! But Jimmy brings it all full circle and reminds us how when all is said and done, we likely wouldnt trade in one moment of those treasured experiences, challenges and all, for anything. Our dogs teach us so much while providing that unique unconditional love that it makes every tough moment totally worth it! Check out this amazing poem by the beloved Jimmy Stewart and share it with all your dog loving friends.

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