Updated: 24th April 2018

Lorde Tweets Funny Story About A Seriously Awkward Uber Ride

In case you’ve forgotten who Lorde is, she’s the one who sung that song about Royals that everyone listened to obsessively in 2013.

And she looks like this:

She’s had a few other hits since her break-out song Royals, but it’s been a while since she put out any new music – and her fans have definitely noticed.

The Grammy winnertookto Twitter to tell the world about an awkward Uber ride she found herself on:

Oh, awks.

Oh, poor Lorde. She’s taken so long to bring out new music that even the Uber drivers have forgotten who she is.

But, she should definitely call her next album ‘Dazed Glow’, it has a nice ring to it.

Ellie Goulding even joined in:

And one fan had a great suggestion for Lorde:

Uber have yet to comment on the matter, but Uber New Zealand did offer a lyricalexplanation:

I see what you did there, Uber NZ. Nice move.

And now, for the finale, let’s all take a little trip back to 2013:

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