Updated: 22nd February 2018

Raccoon Has Come Up With A Funny And Annoying Way To Get A Humans Attention. The Result? Effective

This is Rocksy, and she’s a wild raccoon that has recently had babies.

Well, Rocksy has found a way to feed her and her babies that requires minimal effort on her part, but a vast amount of intelligence. Rocksy will, during the daytime, actually knock on the door of this homeowner so she’ll go outside and refill the cat food bowl!

The act of begging for food isn’t uncommon in wild animals, especially since the random, ever inquisitive human tends to try to feed them. Because of this, many foraging animals will go around more populated areas, where all the good food is! With that being said, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of a wild animal knocking on the door for food, which makes Rocksy a bit special. She won’t knock in the sense that you and I are accustomed to however, she’s figured out that her little knocks just aren’t loud enough! She instead grabs a rock, holds it in her paw, and proceeds to use it as a makeshift knocker. The noise has got to get annoying after a while, but this is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen from raccoons. Usually they’re in the news because they’re little balls of hatred that burrow through our trash cans on trash day, so this is a refreshing turn of pace!

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