Updated: 26th April 2018

Theres Now A Trump Against Humanity Expansion Pack And Its Seriously Funny

Donald Trump really is…. something. We just have to hope that something doesn’t end up actually with any real kind of power in the USA.

And although Trump seems to be extremely unpredictable in his actions and the things he says, they do actually all fit together really well.

In fact, so much so that it encouragedJeffry Da Silva to make ‘Trump Against Humanity’, a hilarious un-official extension pack for the Cards Against Humanity game. The name is especially apt.

Da Silva, co-executive creative director of the Canada-based ad agency Sid Lee, said the idea came to him around the beginning of the primaries. There was a period of about two or three weeks when there was just a massive amount of lines [Trump had said] in the news,

We were watching CNN at night, we were watching clips on YouTube and Fox News and everything. We had a bunch of team members scouring the Internet for the best line. We made a short list and we put them into the cards.

The worrying part? He says that the deck of cards could easily have had over 500 entries without struggling for hilariously offensive content.

In our expansion pack, it’s all Trump quotes, Da Silva explained. The black cards have the actual phrases with blanks in them. The white cards are thing you could fill in those blanks with. For example, [you could get] ‘Make America _______ again’ and … fill that in with any number of things that he’s said, like ‘Mexicans,’ or ‘micropenis,’ or ‘Muslims.’

Or, our favourite, ‘China’. There’s something about the way Trump says ‘China’ that really tickles us.

Sid Lee produced about 100 packs of the game, all of which are currently sitting in Da Silva’s office in Toronto. They first posted about the creation on social media last Friday, which immediately went viral.

The original plan was to give away the game for free to people who signed up on the agency’s website, but Da Silva is reconsidering that plan now that thousands of people have requested packs.

I feel like people were sort of like waiting for it, he said. Not only was it one of those things where not only is a great game, but just the line inherent in the name of the game Trump Against Humanity is pretty powerful. it’s just like ready-made for the Internet and for tweeting.

So keep your eyes peeled, guys. Trump Against Humanity cards may be up for sale pretty soon, and we all need a pack.

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