Updated: 23rd April 2018

This Incredibly Fake Big Brother Moment Is So Bad Its Funny

Big Brother is still rumbling on. It’s doubtful that many people watch it nowadays, and after seeing this clip it’s unlikely you’ll be heading over to channel 5 anytime soon.

I’m not really in the loop on what’s been going on in the house, but they have finally had a moment that’s worth discussing, although it’s for all the wrong reasons.

I’m not sure what task has been set, but someone who everyone keeps calling Jayne is walking across a bridge whilst someone else lobs sponges at her. It’s groundbreaking stuff. One of these sponges hits Jayne, who then somehow manages to tread water whilst also being knocked out.Jayne is gasping for breath and paramedics are called. It sounds pretty harrowing, but when you watch it you’ll see it kind of feels a little…fake?

Viewers weren’t buying it.

Big Brother bosses wont mind. When posting the clip to their Facebook page it amassed over a million views. Again, people weren’t buying it.

Thankfully Jayne is ok – that’s a relief.

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