Updated: 20th April 2018

This Scarf Hides Your Face if Flash Photography is Used

Dutch designer Saif Siddiqui has created a fashionable scarf that hides your face when flash photography is used. The concept first struck Saif in 2009 when he took a photo of friends in Amsterdam and a nearby bike’s reflector obscured everyone in the photo.

Six years later, Saif unveiled a line of ‘anti-flash’ wearables under the brand name, Ishu. The self-proclaimed ‘invisibility cloaks’ were first released as scarves, but Ishu has since created a tie, pocket square and phone case that are also anti-flash.

A number of celebrities have been sighted sporting the scarves which has garnered Ishu plenty of attention as the ‘anti-paparazzi’ wear. For more information check out their website.

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